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November 2009 - Vol 2, Issue 11
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Autofill Vendor Account Numbers
A Closer Look at Registers
Security Vulnerability Fix Available
Tax Planning Reminder
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Welcome to the November issue of Caesar's Brook Babblings.
This month I've provided information on the fixes that Intuit has released to address a potential security vulnerability.  As a registered QuickBooks user, you may have already received this information directly from Intuit.  If not, please be sure to read the article below and take appropriate steps to safeguard your data.
In this issue, we also take a closer look at some often overlooked features of registers, and I offer a tip on how you can automatically print vendor account numbers in the memo field of your checks. 

Happy Thanksgiving

QuickTip of the Month

Full Shopping CartAutofill Vendor Account Numbers in the Check Memo
Did you know that QuickBooks can automatically print vendor account numbers in the memo field on your checks?  In order to use this feature, select Preferences from the Edit pull down menu and go to the Company Preferences tab for Checking. (You need to be logged in as Admin to view or change Company Preferences.) 
Turn on the preference "Autofill payee account number in check memo".  Now edit your Vendor records and add the account number in the appropriate field on the Additional Information tab.  QuickBooks will now automatically include the vendor account number in memo field on printed checks. 
NOTE: If you add a memo manually, it will replace the autofilled information.
FeatureFeature Article
A Closer Look at Registers
QuickBooks maintains a register for each account on your balance sheet, which includes bank accounts, inventory, accounts receivable, and other assets. There are also registers for accounts payable, loan accounts, and owner's equity.  Registers can be sorted, searched, and printed.  And because it speeds up data entry, some users prefer to enter data directly in the register rather than use forms such as checks, bills, and credit card receipts.
To open a register: 
  • Press Ctrl-R, or
  • Double click on the account in your Chart of Accounts, or
  • Choose Edit and then Use Register, or
  • Choose Banking and then Use Register
To sort a register, select the sort order from the pull down in the bottom left hand corner.

To search a register, select Go to... from the top left hand corner, then select the criteria you wish to search for..

To print a register, select the Print option next to Go To...

Register - Go To Print

If you opt to enter data directly in the register, you can:
  • Mark a check to be printed by entering a "T" in the check number field.
  • View or enter split transactions across multiple accounts, customers, jobs, and classes with the Splits button.  Note however that you cannot view or enter a split transaction that includes items directly in the register.  You must open the appropriate form.
If you don't need to see or use the memo field, you can change your register display from the default two lines to a single line display.  And don't forget, you can color code your registers to remind you which account you are working in.  See Changing Account Color in the March 2009 newsletter.
Fix Available for Potential Security Vulnerability
ActiveXIntuit recently released a fix to address a potential security vulnerability related to the use of Microsoft ActiveX technology in some versions of QuickBooks. If exploited, this vulnerability could allow a hacker to access the data on the user's computer.
The fix is available for the Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks 2007 through 2009 Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0.  QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise 10.0 are not impacted.  NOTE: The vulnerability exists in QuickBooks 2006 and earlier versions, but because these are no longer supported versions, Intuit has not made patches available.  Intuit recommends that you upgrade to a supported version if you are still using one of the older, unsupported versions.
To verify that you are running a release containing the security fix, with your QuickBooks file open, press F2.  This will open a window with information about your QuickBooks software.  Look for the version and release at the top of the screen.  Releases are cumulative and over time the most current release will have a higher number.  For each of the following versions of QuickBooks, the release shown is the first release containing the security fix:
  • QuickBooks 2009: R8
  • QuickBooks 2008: R10
  • QuickBooks 2007: R13
If the R number for your software is lower than what is shown above for your version, select Update QuickBooks from the Help drop down menu and click Update Now.  When the updates have finished downloading, exit QuickBooks and restart it, installing the updates and restarting your computer if prompted.  When the update is complete, and QuickBooks is open again, press F2 to verify that the release number reflects a release number containing the fix.  If the release number is still below those shown above, you may have to download the fix from the Intuit website and apply it manually. 
The fix and more information can be found at
Be sure to install the security update on all your computers that run QuickBooks, and if you run multiple versions of QuickBooks, be sure to install the updates for all versions that you are running.
Tax Planning Reminder
The Tax ManIf you have a calendar fiscal year, November is the perfect time to make an appointment with your accountant to go over your year to date numbers.  This year's Economic Stimulus package came with lots of new tax saving strategies and your accountant is the best person to help you find the ones that apply to you.
banner 2I hope you found these babblings useful.  Your feedback is important to me.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.
Susan Dugdale
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