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February 2010 - Vol 3, Issue 2
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Inserting and Deleting Lines
Customizing the Customer Center
Finding Recently Entered Transactions
Phishing Alert
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Welcome to the February issue of Caesar's Brook Babblings.
This month we look at customizing the Customer Center - after all, our customers are at the heart of our business and Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  I also offer you a quick way to recover your sanity when you can't find a transaction you know you just entered, a tip for inserting and deleting lines from transactions quickly and easily, and pass along a Phishing Alert from Intuit

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QuickTip of the Month

Inserting and Deleting Lines
Insert DeleteWhen you are creating or editing a form, you often want to insert or delete a line.  There are several ways to do this.  You can select Insert or Delete Line from the Edit pull-down menu.  Faster: Right-click and select from the pop-up menu.  Fastest: CTRL+Insert and CTRL+Delete.
FeatureFeature Article
Customizing the Customer Center
By default the Customer Center displays three panes: the Customer list on the left, the Customer Information on the top right, and the Transaction Detail on the bottom right.  I am often asked if it is possible to change what is displayed in the Customer Information pane.  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  However, what is displayed in the other two panes can be customized, and you can probably get just the information you want.
To change what is displayed in either pane, right-click on the column headings and select "Customize Columns" from the resulting pop-up menu.  You can add details from the customer record to the Customer list including any assigned Sales Rep and any available custom fields.  You can add details from transaction records to the Transaction Detail.  Note that if you add the Sales Rep to the Transaction Detail, it will show the Sales Rep on the transactions as opposed to the default Sales Rep assigned to the customer.  Reorder the columns to suit yourself using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.  Once you have the columns you want displayed in the order you want, you can adjust the column or pane widths by dragging the separator bars.  You can now sort your lists by double-clicking on any of the column headings displayed.
Example 1 
In the example above, I've customized the columns in the customer list to include Account No. and in the transaction list I've removed Account and added Memo and Open Balance.
You can also toggle the Customer Center display back and forth between the three pane view and a full width Customer list by clicking on the arrow button at the top of the list. The columns that are displayed in the full width view are separately customizable from the columns displayed in the three pane view.  In the example below, I've added most of the customer detail to the full width view including the custom fields B-day and Spouse's Name.
Example 2 
The Vendor and Employee Centers can be similarly customized.  All customization of this type is on a per user basis so if you need all users in your company to have the same view, you will have to repeat the customization for each user.
I Know I Just Did It, So Where the Heck Is It?  Finding Recently Entered Transactions
Missing - Can You Help?Have you ever entered a transaction Big Rewardthat doesn't show up where you expect it to be?  It can leave you wondering if you are crazy.  Most likely you entered the date incorrectly (something that happens to me a lot at the beginning of the year) or you inadvertently picked the wrong account or customer.   The fastest way to find these "missing" transactions is using the Advanced Find feature.  Select Find from the Edit pull-down menu and click on the Advanced tab.  Scroll down the list of filters and select "Entered/Modified" then select the appropriate date range.  Selecting Today will show you all the transactions that have been entered or modified on the current date.  You can further refine this by selecting the transaction type you are looking for, such as Invoice or Bill.
Where Is It?
Once you have identified the errant transaction, you can double-click or use the Go To button to identify and correct the problem.
Phishing Alert
Intuit is receiving reports of individuals receiving fraudulent emails that appear to be from QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online. The two separate emails ask customers to either download a plug in to assess their security or download a Digital Certificate.  See No Phishing  for more details, including the text of these messages.
If you receive one of these fraudulent emails, DO NOT follow any links in them or otherwise do what they are asking you to do.  As a general rule, you should be cautious about emails that ask you to download and then install ANY kind of software, regardless of the apparent source.  If you do receive such an email that seems to be from a trusted partner, it is a good idea to check the partner's web site for further information.  If it is valid, there should be an explanation on the web site about the reason for the alert and details about the problem it is supposed to resolve.  If it is a scam, there is likely to be a scam warning.
banner 2I hope you found these babblings useful.  Your feedback is important to me.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.
Susan Dugdale
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