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September 2008 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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IRS Reminders
Using the QuickBooks Calculator
Fishbowl Inventory Software Certification
FREE QuickBooks Reports
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IRS Reminders
Estimated taxes are due September 15th

Effective July 1, the IRS increased the business mileage reimbursement rate to. 58.5 cents per mile. More information 

Caesar's Brook
Welcome to the first edition of Caesar's Brook Babblings. 
The first question that most people ask me when I hand them my business card is "What is Caesar's Brook?"   If you don't know the answer yet, here it is.  Caesar's Brook is a stream that runs across our property in Amherst, NH.
And what is it babbling about?  QuickBooks.   There is a constant stream of QuickBooks tips, tricks, and product information flowing across my desk.  Babblings is a newsletter that I created as a means of sharing some of the best of it with you.  My goal is to provide you with information you can really use to make your use of QuickBooks easier and more productive.
Susan Dugdale
Caesar's Brook Business Solutions, LLC
QuickTip of the Month 
Using the QuickBooks Calculator     
Did you know you can use the built-in QuickBooks calculator in numeric fields such as dollar amounts and quantities?  It's great for quickly adding a markup to an item or allocating expenses across accounts.  To access the calculator, simply type a number in the numeric field followed by +, -, *,  or /.  A paper tape will pop up ready for your next entry.  You can enter as many numbers and operations as needed.  To get a subtotal, press =.  To clear the entry, press c.  To clear the tape, press c twice. To enter the result, press Enter or Tab, or click anywhere outside the tape.
What's New at Caesar's Brook
fishbowl logo 
I am now a Certified Fishbowl Inventory Software Advisor.

Fishbowl Inventory Software stands alone as a powerful inventory control and management solution. It empowers your inventory control regardless of your business scenario. Fishbowl integrates directly with QuickBooks, which allows your growing enterprise to continue to use QuickBooks and avoid the expensive and painful step of migrating to enterprise accounting packages. Read more about Fishbowl...
Feature Article
FREE QuickBooks Reports

Your QuickBooks company file is probably the most powerful management tool available to you.  If your company is well set up, the canned reports that come with QuickBooks can answer a broad range of actionable questions that can directly affect your bottom line including:

         Which are my most profitable goods and service?

         Who are my best (and worst) customers?

         How much did I spend by vendor over the past year?

         Was the job I just did profitable?

But what if you want information out of your QuickBooks file that you can't get from the canned reports?    Intuit's QuickBooks Community  has a wide variety of resources including a Reports Library.  To explore this little known resource, select QuickBooks Library from the menu on the left and then select Reports.  The library contains memorized report templates that you can download and import into your QuickBooks file.  There are well over 100 reports including:

         Unbilled expenses by Job

         Uncleared bank transactions

         Franchise Sales Detail and Summary

         Payroll Detail Review for both Federal and State Taxes

         Checks to be printed

         Payment details by Customer

If you still can't find what you need, you may need to look at exporting data out of QuickBooks and manipulating it externally.  There are a number of options available most of which require an investment of time, money, or both. 

For an investment of time only, the QuickBooks Community Reports Library also includes three free tools to extract data from QuickBooks into Excel.  You will need to understand your QuickBooks data and be a strong Excel user to make these tools work for you, but they are free.

I recommend starting with the file that includes the wizard.  Save the downloaded file and open it with Excel.  You will probably need to adjust some security settings to get it working; just follow the instructions on the Security worksheet.  Then go to the Update worksheet to connect with your QuickBooks file.  It can take quite a while to extract the data if your file is large, so limit the type of transactions you request and/or the date range initially. 

If DIY reporting is over and above the call of duty for you, feel free to contact me with your specific needs. 


banner 2I hope you found these babblings useful.  Your feedback is important to me.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.
Susan Dugdale
Caesar's Brook Business Solutions, LLC
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